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No. 491594


Quick Clamp

Clamping thickness 6 5/8 inches (168mm).

No. 489570


Screw Clamps, 4-11/16"

Clamping thickness 4 11/16 inches (120 mm).

No. 488030


Clamping Elements 2-Pack

Clamping Elements secure your workpiece for precision routing, sanding, cutting, or just about any other application.

No. 489571


Screw Clamps, 11-13/16"

Clamping thickness 11 13/16 inches (300mm).

No. 484455


MFT Connector

Steel bar with 4 set screws for connecting multiple MFT Multifunction Tables.

No. 495502


Cross Members

Connects the legs to the table top for added stability.

No. 488564


No. 490555


Adjustable stop for MFT

The stop flag makes exact repeat cuts and even batch production possible.

No. 495542


Stop Flag

Rotates out of the way if not needed.

No. 495543


Perforated Top for MFT/3 Table

Two-sided insert allows you to flip it over for a fresh work surface once it has seen some wear.

18 Products
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